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Skating Lessons North York

Skating Lessons North YorkOur Learn to Skate Program

Skate Toronto offers a learn to skate and figure skating programs for adults, children and youth at various locations in the Greater Toronto Area including skating rinks in Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill and Thornhill. In our learn to skate program students will learn everything from basic skating skills to advanced skating skills. These include gliding forwards and backwards, stroking, turning and stopping. Our learn to skate program will give you the skating skills that you need for recreational skating with friends and family and for continuing on to figure skating programs and hockey leagues anywhere in Toronto.

Skating Lessons north YorkOur Figure Skating Program

For those skaters interested in figure skating, Skate Toronto offers a figure skating program from beginners that have completed the learn to skate program or have the equivalent skating ability right up to advanced figure skating levels. We have three different levels for figure skating in three different categories. Our figure skating program is usually offered at the same skating rinks in the Greater Toronto Area as our learn to skate programs and is coached by professional figure skaters that are certified figure skating coaches and or performers with years of coaching experience. In our figure skating programs we offer classes in Freestyle, Ice Dance and Artistic skating. At our Bronze level, which is the introduction to figure skating or learn to figure skate program, we introduce basic figure skating concepts such as spins, jumps, advanced stroking and artistic elements or movements in the field. In our Ice Dance program we offer skaters classes in international pattern dances. The artistic figure skating program allows skaters to create routines to music using the figure skating elements that they have learned.

Learn to Skate Lessons North YorkPrivate Skating Lessons

Coaches at Skate Toronto also offers private skating lessons at the learn to skate and figure skating levels. Private skating lessons take place during Skate Toronto classes, at Ticket Ice sessions or other instructional ice skating rinks in North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill and Mississauga. Taking private skating lessons at one of our locations in the Greater Toronto Area lets you choose the time and pace that you want to learn to skate and allows you to get customized skating lessons. Taking private skating lessons allows coaches to give you individual attention so that you can advance in skating skills faster.

Skating Lessons North York